July 15th, 2016


Pokémon wants!

Just something for myself, but if others see something here that they are looking to sell, I'll happily throw you money! This post is a constant WIP.

No particular order to this stuff. ;P If you happen to see a picture here you own and want me to remove it, please feel free to contact me! Non stock photos are credited where possible!

Chimchar wants!

Totodile line wants

The following photos are from aarux.weebly.com!

Other wants:

Photo credits: bigcatcollections.com

Trying to find all three in one go but argh.
Same for these guys:

(Just Squirtle, Charmander and Bulbasaur)

I don't collect the Kanto starters in prticular but I love these sets! Would be cool to have, but don't wanna pay the shipping the internet is asking. ;u; aahh.